Posted on: 19/07/2018

Venturers Trust ends first year with strong SATs results

Venturers Trust primary schools are celebrating some excellent results for children of all ages against national benchmarks.

In particular, three schools have shown significant increases in the proportion of students reaching the Government’s expected standard in Key Stage 2 SATs tests, which are taken at age 11.

In the provisional results released by the Department for Education, Barton Hill Academy saw 55 per cent of its Year 6 children make the grade in reading, writing and maths. This was a rise of 19 percentage points on 2017.

The Kingfisher School’s outcomes rose by 17 percentage points to 59 per cent, close to the national average and Merchants’ Academy Primary saw a rise of 12 percentage points to 50 per cent.  Julie Hearn, Primary Vice Principal, was delighted at the rise in the combined total and also at the improved results in writing and maths.

Bannerman Road Community Academy saw a dip in combined outcomes but was particularly pleased at its students’ continued strong performance in writing, where 77 per cent reached the expected standard.

Some excellent performances were also recorded in the Key Stage 1 SATs, taken at age seven, and in the Year 1 phonics check and the Early Years Foundation Stage Good Level of Development (GLD).

Fairlawn Primary School achieved 73 per cent, which is above the national and Bristol figure for GLD for the third year in a row.  An impressive 93 per cent of Year 1 pupils passed the phonics check and 63 per cent of the school’s first year group to sit the KS1 SATs attained the expected standard.

Meanwhile, at The Dolphin School, the proportion of children making the grade at reading, writing and maths rose by 14 percentage points on 2017.

Principal Shelley Flanagan said: “This is due to excellent teaching and a curriculum which is designed for the needs of our school.”

These are the unvalidated outcomes and the Trust expects them to rise further once they are validated by the DfE in September. As well as the headline figures, many children have made excellent progress and schools have worked hard to close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and others, to provide for children who do not speak English and those who have special educational needs.

Chair of Governors for Venturers Trust, Trevor Smallwood, said the results, coming at the end of Venturers Trust’s first academic year, were very pleasing.

“We have made a strong start and our schools have benefited from working together and learning from each other, as well as receiving specialist support from experts through the Trust.

“We know there is more work to do and our focus remains firmly on supporting Venturers Trust schools to ensure that all children are given the best possible start. 

Sue Dobbs, the Trust’s Director of Academy Improvement, said: “The strong SATs results are testament to the dedication and vision of our school Principals. I am also very proud of our students and staff, who have worked incredibly hard throughout the year.”

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